Peace Tour By Hawk and Young

Touring the ship, the alien took us past a room where giant purple manatees were attached at the nipples to long tubes. "Their milk is our only food," explained the translator. The next room was full of weapons "for defense only" he promised. I snapped a picture and the alien rounded on me, his skin …

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Author Spotlight: Karen Yun-Lutz

Which author is your biggest inspiration? Until about a year ago, I might have said Dean Koontz, or Stephen King. I've been a hard core fan of both of them and their stories since I started reading them back in the late 70's/early 80's. Recently I met a new author who self-published his first book …

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Spaceport News Headlines by Gerri Leen

Spaceport to Open Sunday; Custodians Sent Ahead Help Wanted:  Custodial Trainee Program Accident at the Spaceport—All Dead! Help Wanted:  Spaceport Custodial Experience a Must Spaceport Jinxed? Help Wanted:  Spaceport Custodial Experience Preferred Third in a Row; Space Agency Investigating Deaths Help Wanted:  Want to Go into Space? Insider Says Space Agency Investigating Strange Noises, Objects …

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