General Submission Guidelines for Martian Magazine – Closed to General Submissions

Submissions are always open for Non-Fiction submissions and Drabbles for Patreon Patrons. Patreon Drabbles will be paid at .02 a word.

  • Martian magazine publishes drabbles, stories of exactly 100 words (excluding title). Stories submitted of greater than or less than 100 words will be rejected. We use Google Docs to determine word count.
  • We publish science fiction. Every variety of science fiction is accepted but the science fiction element must be present.
  • Submitted works must be stories. They must have a beginning, middle, and at the very least hint at the end. They may be 100 words, but we are not interested in thoughts or feelings without action or characters that don’t do anything.
  • We will have set reading periods throughout the year. Submissions will only be read in those reading periods. Stories sent outside the reading periods will not be read unless they were specifically solicited by the editor. Nonfiction submissions are always open.
  • We pay .10 a word for original fiction, paid on publication of the selected work.
  • Reprints are accepted and paid at .05 a word, half that of original fiction.
  • We accept both multiple submissions (up to three at a time sent as separate attachments) and simultaneous submissions. Just please let us know if your work was selected elsewhere if we have not yet gotten back to you.
  • All submissions will be read and responded to within two weeks of the close of the submission periods. Query after four weeks.
  • The rights we ask for are first-time world electronic rights for original fiction and non-exclusive reprint rights for reprints. We do not have an exclusivity period, you are free to sell your work as a reprint upon publication in Martian. We publish a yearly anthology gathering the work from the previous year. Our year will tentatively run from August to August. This anthology will be published in digital ebook, audiobook, and print with the authors having a pro rata share of the royalties of the anthology their work is included in as part of the initial contract. We will ask for rights sufficient to publish the anthology in the additional formats, but only non-exclusively. We also ask for the right to non-exclusively archive your story on our website for the magazine’s life, unless requested otherwise by the author.
  • Submissions must be sent in standard manuscript format and attached as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file and sent by email to Please include in the body of the email a short cover letter as well as a bio and social links. We feature our authors the week their story is released and the bio and social links are important to that end. You are not required to include that info if you wish, but it only helps promote you, the author.
  • Any further questions please query the submission email or the contact form on this website.

Non-fiction Submissions

  • We like reviews of Science Fiction related media including Books, Movies, TV, and Video Games. Reviews must be under 1,000 words, sticking with the brevity aspect of the magazine.
  • We are more than happy to interview authors of the science fiction genre about writing, the creative process, flash fiction, or promotion of forthcoming sci-fi publications.
  • We are open to articles on anything related to the sci-fi genre.
  • We do not pay for nonfiction works.
  • Please send submissions or ideas to