Author Spotlight: Clive Tern

Which author is your biggest inspiration? There isn't a single one, and they change over time. Which is a complete cop-out of a response. Here's a few that have stood out, and why: Louis L'Amour - If he wrote about a trail overlooking a specific landmark, that trail existed. I like that, and when writing …

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Palliative Care by Clive Tern

“Can you describe the pain, Luke?” Dr. Alice Shoshone asked. “Like I’m being eaten from inside, Doc.” Luke writhed. Only twenty-three, he pumped gas at his family's store. And was the eighteenth patient with symptoms in ten days, in a town of three-thousand. Alice rubbed her arm, where the vaccination area was still inflamed. “I …

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Spaceport News Headlines by Gerri Leen

Spaceport to Open Sunday; Custodians Sent Ahead Help Wanted:  Custodial Trainee Program Accident at the Spaceport—All Dead! Help Wanted:  Spaceport Custodial Experience a Must Spaceport Jinxed? Help Wanted:  Spaceport Custodial Experience Preferred Third in a Row; Space Agency Investigating Deaths Help Wanted:  Want to Go into Space? Insider Says Space Agency Investigating Strange Noises, Objects …

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