Of Fields, Half-Sown by Kurt Hunt

"Failed," said the ship.  Its transmission burst into jagged waves, a white noise elegy. But the station didn't understand.  "Greetings, Generation-32! Welcome to Centauri Colony!"  It beamed yottabytes of data, everything from advertisements to statistics suggesting a critical population shortage.  "Please share these exciting details with your passengers, and--" The chirping auto-welcome fizzled.  A tired …

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Author Spotlight: Maura Yzmore

What’s your favorite science fiction book? Among the oldies, I’d say Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series and Ursula Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness. I read these when I was young and they left a major impression on me.  Contemporary sci-fi novels I’ve enjoyed include Ann Leckie’sAncillary Justice, Becky Chambers’s Wayfarer series, Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter, Charlie Stross’s Neptune’s Brood. I also like most work put out by John Scalzi and Nnedi Okorafor.  Do you think science fiction lends itself well to …

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Double Trouble by R. Daniel Lester

Lens call from my clone. Two blinks to answer. “Finally,” I said. “I’ve been busy.” “Pauly called, you haven’t shown up for days. What gives? You know I didn’t register you and he’s cuttin’ us slack lettin’ you work nightshift.” Cheekbone tap to trace: overseas. “Exactly where you callin’ from?” “About that. I met a …

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