Author Spotlight: Marc Criley

Which author is your biggest inspiration? China Mieville cracked open my mind, showed me how to imagine things that I didn’t know could even be imagined. That opened the creative floodgates for me, and I’ve been paddling that river ever since. What’s your favorite science fiction short story, book, movie? S.B. Divya’s “Binaries”—she crams so …

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Requires Replenishment by Marc A. Criley

Hot tires buzzing. Backseat child whimpering. Dead alien in trunk. Shitohshitohshitohshit. # Dropped kid at my sister's, grabbed a shovel. Got the stink-eye. # Hours down dead desert tracks. Kill engine, pop the trunk. Grab shovel, haul the heptapoder. Ten minutes shoveling--a shoulder poke. I turn. "JESUS CHRIST!" and fall on my ass. "It was …

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Author Spotlight: James DeTar

Which author is your biggest inspiration? The author who is my biggest inspiration? I hope you don’t mind that there are three. Michael Crichton took his M.D. credentials and imbued all of his work with fascinating technical trivia and background, making for believable, fascinating reading. I like Ray Bradbury for his groundbreaking novels such as …

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