Martian Magazine is a new professional market for science fiction. We specialize in the Drabbles, stories told in exactly 100 words. We see the power and popularity of micro-fiction and the lack of markets that pay professional rates for it. Seeing this need, Martian Magazine will help fill the void. Drabbles are stories. Stories that cut out the unnecessary and hit home. They have beginnings, middles, and ends like any other story.

We want to feature the creative power of the author. To see what ideas and tales can be found in the span of 100 words. We publish all forms of science fiction, all moods, and varieties. We publish stories from a diverse group of writers. If you feel inclined to send something, please do not hesitate. We will publish and feature both new and established authors once a week starting out. We want to show off the power of the form while celebrating both genre and author.

There is a submission window coming up. Please take note and prepare your best story. All guidelines for our submissions can be found in the submissions tab of this site. There will also be a future crowdfunding event to raise funds for the next year of Martian magazine.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow this site via email in the sidebar to receive notifications of updates, articles, and stories when they begin to publish.

Thanks for checking Martian Magazine out. We look forward to sharing stories with you soon.

-Eric S. Fomley – Editor


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